For those of you playing along at home, the war isn’t over. It looks like  businesses everywhere, under the mafia-like umbrella of the FCC, are pushing for a segregated Internet that allows providers to charge variable rates based upon geography, content, and other factors.

The Internet was built on the concept that information should be free to access by anyone and should be able to be shared with any and everyone. And now, as with everything else in society, the Powers that Be realize the earning potential they’re missing out on. In an endless effort to maximize profit at any cost, Net Neutrality has been on the chopping block for years. We can’t give up yet.

Where Do You Stand?

There are a couple different perspectives with regard to Net Neutrality. Where do your allegiances lie?

Personally, I am 100% against any sort of separation of the Internet. As a security professional, I understand the risks and responsibilities associated with both providing and consuming content pretty well. While I cannot dispute that there are risks that need to be addressed, I do NOT believe that regulation of the Internet is the way to go. As always, I recommend you do your homework and research the information that’s out there. You can find good data and accurate information if you look hard enough. Don’t be jaded by special interests of any kind. Learn for yourself.

The War Continues

According to this article in the N.Y. Times this week, the FCC is laying the groundwork for the systematic destruction of Net Neutrality. What essentially looks like a full repeal of Net Neutrality could spell the end of any sort of free market on the internet. This really has the ability to change the entire global economy and how people access information as we know it. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to make the call. If you’ve already called, I implore you to call again!